Local Attractions

There are many attractions and things to do in Freeport, Maine! Just a drive down Main Street will give you a glimpse of all the shopping opportunities available when visiting Freeport, Maine. You’ll find world-class retail stores, including premium brand outlets, as well as locally made products as you stroll through Freeport Village.

Be sure to visit L.L. Bean’s flagship store and get a taste of Maine’s outdoor recreation with L.L. Bean’s Discovery School. This school hosts workshops and sessions that are designed to give you an adventure yet also allow you to learn the skills necessary for sports such as archery, snowshoeing, skiing, fly fishing and more.

The Freeport area has it all. From hiking at Bradbury Mountain State Park or Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park to wildlife watching aboard ocean cruises, there is an activity for everyone. The Desert of Maine is a natural phenomenon that can’t be missed and the Maine Audubon Society’s Mast Landing Sanctuary is 140 acres of great birding. End your trip with a tour through a local chocolate factory, spirits at a local distillery and beer tastings at a local brewery. The possibilities are endless!

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