Figgy’s story

From Figgy’s owner:

We got Otto as a companion for our female borzoi, Olive (he was her nephew!). We sadly lost Olive to cardiomyopathy in March of 2014. She was a wonderful “mother-hen” to Figgy when we rescued him.

Figgy, Otto and OliveFiggy was a rescue from Alabama. We knew in 2013 we wanted to get another dog, Otto had been with us a number of years and Olive was getting up there in years and not as playful with Otto as he needed. So we started looking for a rescue Borzoi through the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation website. Figgy (formerly known as Frosty) came onto the site as available in the Summer 2013. He wasn’t your typical rescue. His original owner had purchased him from a breeder as a 12 week old puppy. It seems the owner was good to him but then at a critical phase in a puppies development, the owner suddenly became terminally ill. This left Figgy bounced from home to home until he ended up with a wonderful foster home in Southern Alabama. He was almost 8 months old by now. Joe then took a week off and drove to Alabama and met Figgy and the foster family. I guess you could saw it was love at first sight! Figgy would not leave Joe’s side. I think finally knew he was with his forever family.

These two photos are from the day Figgy arrived at his new home in Connecticut. One is of the three dogs (top to bottom – Otto, Olive & Figgy) and the 2nd is how he responded to our Miss Olive when he met her. I think he sensed her mothering instinct.

Thanks for your interest in his story.
—Jackie, Joe, Otto & The Figster!